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Friends of Croft was established in 2010 by a diverse group of park users who recognized the need to help Croft State Park manage its resources and facilities. With the directive from the state system to have all parks self-sufficient by 2014, the assistance we provide can help to make this happen. We also help the rangers provide opportunities for the public to experience the diverse activities at Croft.


The horse and bicycle trials at Croft sustain heavy use and subsequent erosion. Friends of Croft helps with trail maintenance by providing materials as well as professional grading to improve the trail system. We want folks to enjoy their rides safely. We have also put up signage for all trails so hopefully those unfamiliar with the trails won’t get lost. Ongoing maintenance of the trail system is a top priority for us.


Another area Friends of Croft helps with is the facilities. We have adopted the bathhouse by Lake Craig and have thus far provided paint and landscaping. We have provided benches for the playground and have worked to improve the Lee and Foster Cemeteries. These are only a few of the many projects we help with at Croft.


Friends of Croft is a sponsor of the Fishing for Fun Day. This is a great way to introduce children 15 and under to fishing. Participants are given a rod and reel, t-shirt and hotdog lunch at the end. We also have started Hop into Croft at Easter and Neewollah at Halloween. Both have an outdoor Friday night movie and fun events the next day.


Friends of Croft has adopted Dairy Ridge Road for Adopt-A-Highway. This is a once a quarter road trash pick up to help keep the gateway to the park looking nice. It also is a great project because it doesn’t require funding, just volunteers.


Our goal is to assist the rangers with volunteers and funding to help update and maintain Croft State Park so all may enjoy this 7500 acre gem in our own backyard.


Current Bylaws


For any questions or comments please contact us.


Board of Directors 2015


Officers for 2015

President: Fern Powell
Vice President: Gary Purinton
Treasurer: Rick Henderson
Secretary: Stanley Bishop

Board Members
Bob Williams
Rick Henderson
Gary Biggerstaff
Gary Purinton
Marie Biggerstaff
Hobby Outten
Fern Powell

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Friends of Croft meets on the second Monday of each month at St Paul United Methodist Church on Fernwood Glendale Road at 6:30 pm.




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