Meet The Park Rangers

John MoonPark Manager, John Moon

I have been serving here at Croft State Park since September of 2007. I started my career with the South Carolina State Park Service in 1998 at Poinsett State Park in Wedgefield, S.C. as a Park Ranger I. I left Poinsett State Park in 2002 and headed to Barnwell State Park in Blackville, S.C. as a Park Ranger II. After a couple of years, I went from Barnwell State Park to Santee State Park in Santee, S.C. as a Senior Ranger. I left Santee State Park in 2005 to become the Park Manager of Lake Warren State Park in Hampton, S.C. I served as Park Manager at Lake Warren for one year. Then I moved completely across the state to Croft State Park here in beautiful Spartanburg County.


I grew up in Lugoff, S.C. and attended Central Carolina in Sumter, S.C. where I received a degree in Natural Resources Management. As young boy, I spent most of my time on the shores of Lake Wateree State Park. Here my family and I would spend many summer nights camping. We also spent a great deal of time together camping in the mountains of Western North Carolina. These experiences created by my parents lead me to my career path and gave me the desire to protect some of our states most precious resources. I am proud to say that I have a wonderful wife and we have three beautiful children. My family and I are so blessed to have the opportunity to live in such a wonderful place. God has blessed me with the greatest job in the world and I am proud to serve the citizens of South Carolina



WoodyState Park Ranger, Richard (Woody) Goodwin

 I have been serving here at Croft State Park since September of 1999. Ever since I was a small boy I have enjoyed the outdoors. While growing up, my parents took my brother and I on many outdoor adventures from the mountains to the beach and several places in-between. I can remember visiting SC State Parks such as Lake Greenwood, Bakers Creek, and Hunting Island over the years. In college, I spent more time than I should have in the outdoors, but earned a degree in Parks and Recreation Management at Appalachian State University in Boone NC. After graduating, before I began in search of a career job I hiked the Appalachian Trail. Six months later for a short period, I began work on a farm and then got an Assistant Park Ranger job at Devil’s Fork State Park in the spring of 1996. I worked there through the summer enjoying Lake Jocassee and then got a job in the opposite direction at Huntington Beach State Park. The beach was busy and fishing in my time-off was fun, but a job came open at Caesar’s Head State Park and I got promoted to what seemed like the top of the world compared to the low country. Caesar’s Head consisted of around 60 miles of hiking trails, and after a year of the mountains I came to Croft State Park.


My family and I have enjoyed the time here at Croft and being stationed at a unique large natural recreation area. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be able to work, serve, and live in such a great environment!



DavidState Park Ranger, David Trenor

 I have been serving here at Croft State Park since March of 2013. My first camping trip was in a tent at only 6 months old, so the high value of nature and outdoor activities was instilled in me at a very early age. I grew up in Wellington, FL down in sunny South Florida and moved up to Gainesville, FL for eight years. I joined the Americorps and accepted a position with the amazing organization CWHOG (Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group) located out in Pocatello, Idaho. For two years, I taught both adaptive swimming and adaptive weight training. I also assisted in whitewater rafting, alpine skiing, waterskiing, adaptive trips, and summer kids’ camp. My favorite part of those two years was setting up/ running the weekly social nights which people of all abilities would get together just to have fun. CWHOG instilled a fierce belief with in me that all people deserve to enjoy life. I returned to Gainesville, FL where I worked with the North Florida YMCA for a few years as the membership director, director of duty, HR assistant, and a few other positions.


My girlfriend Elizabeth, which now is my wife since 2009, persuaded me to quit the YMCA and finish my degree at the University of Florida. I finished in only two years with a degree in Natural Resource Management. I accepted a position soon after at Saint George Island near Apalachicola, FL. I worked with the incredible staff and management there for a year and a half soaking up as much knowledge as I could. My wife and I started to feel the need for more adventure in our lives so I started applying out to parks that I thought were really impressive. We drove up to Croft State Park for my interview and she said that I need to get this position because it was too amazing to leave. I was offered and accepted the position as off park ranger at Croft State Park soon after. I have only been here for a short time but the staff and the people of Spartanburg have shown me that this was the best choice I could have made for my family and I.


Rick Henderson

Hello my name is Rick Henderson and I was born in Canada 1945. My parents moved to Spartanburg in 1950 and I have lived here since. I graduated from Spartanburg High in 1964 Mars Hill College in 1969. I joined the army soon after and went into textiles after that for a few years. In 1972, I opened and ran a greenhouse business for 24 yrs. I then started a home improvement company for 12 years. I tried to retire in 2008 but it was not for me. I started working at Croft in 2008 and been here ever since.

My interests are horseback riding (got into endurance riding for years) and volunteering (20 years). With the volunteer club, I work on trails in N.C. and S.C. Now Croft is part of life. I want to see it grow and become a place where not just I can enjoy but the people of South Carolina can cherish forever.


Glenn Robinson

My name is Glenn Robinson and I have been with Croft State Park for more than a year and a half. I really enjoy working in a park as beautiful as Croft. I have a great wife Lavern, 3 daughters (Jennifer, Crystal, and Victoria), two sons- in- law (Bryan and Mitch) and three grandchildren (Hunter, Brooklyn, and Evelyn (Evy)). My passions in life are God, Family, and the Outdoors. I have been in many different types of careers in my past including textiles, plastic blowmoulding, copper, construction, shipping, receiving, dispatch, merchant, farming, maintenance, supervision, and team leader. Working at Croft StatePark makes me Happy,Happy,Happy.

Nathaniel Ethan Bible

Hello my name is Ethan Bible; I have been serving here at Croft State Park since 4/17/2013 so I am new here. I’m from the small town of Cowpens, South Carolina. I graduated from Broome High School in May of 2012. I am going to attend Spartanburg Community College in the fall of 2013, where then I plan to transfer to USC Upstate where I will take Criminal Justice and Technical Science. My dream job is to work with the Department of Natural Resources; I would also love to work with the SC Highway Patrol. So far I love working here at Croft State Park for many reasons, The people I work with are very friendly and will bend over backwards to help me or a visitor of the park. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t learn something new from these guys. I love gathering knowledge and learning new things and what I can do to help people. I love working outdoors during the summer heat or the cold of winter if I’m outside then I’m happy no matter what. My hobbies consist of watching football 24/7, hunting anything that’s in season, and fishing anytime I have the chance. Also lifting weights is a big part of my life too, I’m in the gym every day after work no matter how tired I am. I am a member of Beaumont Baptist Church and I am there anytime the doors are open. I believe that through Christ anything is possible. I have loved my time working here and I plan to take what I have learned to the next step in my life.

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